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1/30/2018 - SINGER 4452Review


Review for Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

I have been sewing on Singer Heavy Duty (4452) for about four months now. It has been wonderful in creating both delicate dresses, leather-like costumes, and odd ensembles such as plastic wrapper gowns. It's yet to complain about some of the unconventional material I've run through it: foam, latex-coated fabric, papier-mâché sheets, plastic, and so much more, and it does it all very quickly! 

With the Heavy Duty 4452 you get:
  • A whopping 1,100 stitches per minute. That's much faster than a standard machine.
  • Automatic needle threader (hello, yes!)
  • Top drop-in bobbin. This is my first machine with this feature and it is so convenient!
  • A selection of 32 built-In stitches. That's 6 basic stitches, 7 stretch, 18 decorative, & a 1-step buttonhole (compared to the 4-step on the 4411 model).
  • The ability to sew through more heavyweight fabrics and pieces (ex: denim, velcro, vinyl), and this doesn't exclude delicate fabrics like satin silk. Change the needle and you're still good to go!
  • Three needle position options.
  • Accessories including the even feed/walking foot for bulky fabric, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, the non-stick foot for "tacky" fabrics (vinyl, leather), the clearance pate (sewing over seams), and a pack of Heavy Duty #16 needles.
  • Dust cover.

Tips when using this machine:
  • Start off with easy projects to get adjusted. The foot pedal is sensitive and the machine itself is pretty powerful! You don't have to go as fast as it's capable, but it may take a bit of finesse to find the right speed.
  • Stick to plastic bobbins (15J).
  • Get a universal carry case if you plan to take this anywhere. While it's not as easy to carry-and-go as something like the SINGER Featherweight, it still is fairly easy to travel with. 
  •  Do not sew more layers of fabric than can fit under the pressure foot.

Overall, this machine is quick without shaking the table, does the threading for you, and can handle some of the tougher fabrics out there. It may take getting use to the pedal sensitivity and motor, but I recommend it for anyone looking for a machine for heavy duty tasks. It'd be a solid choice for either beginners or advanced crafters who prefer mechanical machines. 


AvantGeek is a brand ambassador of SINGER Sewing Company.